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Cornell University confirms Altra Proven Water Technology’s, ALTRA10X, Earthquake Resiliency.

Delivering Resiliency Webinar (1pm EST / 10am WEST) followed by a Q&A


Prof. Thomas Denis O’Rourke

Great opportunity to hear world-renowned professor Thomas Denis O’Rourke from the Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University.

His teaching and professional practice include geotechnical engineering for earth retention systems, foundations, and soil/structure interaction; earthquake engineering; underground construction technology, and engineering of large, geographically distributed systems, such as water supplies, gas and liquid fuel systems, electric power, and transportation facilities. He has authored over 360 publications on geotechnical, underground, earthquake engineering, and impact of extreme events on civil infrastructure. He has led more than 75 research projects and supervised 24 Ph.D. and 22 M.S. theses. Since 1995, he has delivered more than 200 lectures, keynotes, and conference presentations worldwide. Definitely one of the world leading expert on water infrastructure resilience!

Dr. Martin Bureau

Martin Bureau is VP Innovation and in charge of the Research and development department – engineering. At Sanexen since 2013, he’s also an expert in manufacturing and developing processes. Researcher as well as visionary, he has been managing Research and development teams for more than 20 years. During a partnership between CNRC and Sanexen he has, among many other things, contributed to the development of the ALTRA technologies.